After the death of President Jerry Rawlings, some had expected that actor and comedian, Clemento Suarez would do a skit to honour him.

The only thing he did was to share a message of condolence on his social media handles.

The news is that Clemento who is known for imitating the late JJ Rawlings has disclosed that he was called by the family of late ex-President to stop mimicking him for the time being.

In August 2020, Clemento took his imitation of Rawlings to his office. He actually got JJ laughing out loud by imitating him.

“I was called by ex-president Rawlings’ family to stop imitating him from now until he is buried. I was told to respect the dead and more so his personality as a former president,” he said on UTV.

Will he probably stage a show in honour of the late Former President?