Cardi B in Nigeria and Ghana

This might sound hackneyed to some and others probably will find it quite as intriguing as interesting. My weekend was a lot and the word boring is the least it gave birth to. From a morning of visiting my parents to an afternoon of fun after fun. I had no sleep. Moving from one location to the other. Eat and drinking with my friends.

But out of all that i did during the weekend, my conversation with my colleague’s friend who had been in Ghana for close to three month and was coming from the eastern African country, Kenya stood up.

From political issues, religious issues to social issues. We had quite a rich and an educative interaction through out our short time together as we devour fufu and some goats meat.

Then the Cardi B topic stood out. We both came to a sudden consensus (something we both did anyway) that Cardi B’s short stay in Ghana might have had some underhand workings. Sabotage ? I kept asking myself.

Contrary to my earlier understanding that Cardi B had been schedule to stay in Ghana for 3days, my investigations at Kempinski Hotel led to me to unearth that , the American rapper was booked to be in the Hotel for a single day. Clearly, the rapper wasn’t to spend more than 24hours in Ghana.

Cardi B arrived in Nigeria on the 3rd of December, enjoyed three days of fun-tiring experience and was allowed to travel to Ghana on Sunday for a concert at around 11pm to 1am on a Monday.Cardi B experience in Ghana was a direct opposite to her 3days experience in Nigerian.

Cardi B was made to enjoyed all the facet and phases of the Nigerian life. The mother of one after some media rounds,meeting of fans, was taken to a strip club(never knew Nigeria held such in self-esteem as many applaud the rapper), then to an orphanage home where she donated lots of items to the needy. The united states rapper , enjoyed the urban Nigerian life as she used their roads and saw how people hustled in the country. The rapper never failed in updating her fans about her stay in Nigeria as she updated her fans on her every move via social media.

Then after her hugely successful concert at the Eko Hotel, the rapper was encouraged to spend the rest of the night getting drunk in a club. For someone who was scheduled for a concert the next day in another country, that should have been the last thing to come into mind.

But she was allowed to do so.

What Ghana had in store for the Rapper , i believe was far educating than all that she enjoyed in Nigeria and my checks is that, before the rapper was about jetting off from Ghana, her bodyguard was told about the Cape-coast castle, and his face changed. His mood swigged and one could clearly get the thought running through his head. A thought saying they made money from the concert but they learned nothing new in their four days in Africa.

T.I and his wife , Tiny were in Ghana for a program the same week Cardi was in Africa but T.I left Ghana more rich than Cardi B. T.I lived the life his ancestor lived.

All he had read, the struggle he and his brothers are fighting for was felt. He saw how brutish his ancestor lived under shackles and chains. Imagine Cardi B had share what she had learn on social media just like how she shared her African strip club experience. The impact on Ghana’s image would have been phenomenal.

My new friend and I had the same feel. Ghana would have out-shadowed Nigeria. So guess what they did. A meet and greet was discreetly announced at the blind side of the humble rapper. Something she would have happily graced but she had no idea such thing had been arranged.

The next thing was a plate full of tacky and a side sauce of hot mess. So a sabotage or not, Ghana was left behind the park