Ghanaian reggae and dancehall musician, Emmanuel Andrews Samini known in showbiz circles as Samini has finally thrown his weight behind John Dumelo as he contest to become the member of Parliament for the Ayawaso west wagon constituency.

In July 2019, the two media personalities went at each others throat on social media when Samini jabbed the actor cum politician over his alleged V8 saga. Samini sought to find out from John Dumelo if he had returned the V8 vehicle he received from the then President, John Dramani Mahama when the NDC was in power.

He inquisitiveness did not settle down well with John Dumelo who rebutted in an unending exchange of words.

At then, Samini obviously wasn’t buying John Dumelo’s idea to be member of Parliament genuine.

Fast forward, the “My Own” hitmaker has thrown their misunderstanding into the bin and has decided to support the actor’s bid to wrestle seat from the teeth of the NPP.

He tweeted “If you are genuinely ready for the task. I’m with you bro. I support the vision behind Yung and able people taking charge. Pls don’t let our support be in vein. Support from the youth toward you is purely nonpartisan and it’s high time you acknowledge that. #Idey4u”

The celebrated actor on his part, thanked the musician for his support and reiterated his decision not to fail the youth.

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