Gasmilla is not happy about Sarkodie at all.

The recent campaign by Sarkodie to bring back the azonto music and dance form, has irked the ‘Telemo’ hitmaker.

Being acknowledged as one of the pioneers for the azonto craze, Gasmilla believes that Sarkodie should first have consulted him and discussed the revival of azonto with him before going on Twitter to ask people to record their azonto songs and send to him for a feature.

Responding to the question of whether he would do an azonto song and send it to Sarkodie to add his voice, he said he would not do that.

“I think we should all basically know our worth at this point. If Sarkodie feels too big in his shoes to know who Gasmilla is, I can’t also just wake up and send him a record,” he told Sammy Flex on Showbiz Daily.

“I respect him enough to call his name Sark, he should also respect me enough to know I go fit link Gasmilla up,” he added.

Gasmilla believes that Sarkodie should have reached out to him when he got the idea that he wanted to bring back the craze which has fizzled out.

“You for come with respect and say wha aguan, make we run the thing. That’s what I want,” he added.

Meanwhile, he has announced that he will be releasing an azonto song on Sunday, April 26, 2020.

Gasmilla has songs such as ‘Aboodatoi’, Three Points’, ‘Swordu’, among others.