Music producer cum musician Appiah Dankwah, popularly known as Appietus has come to the rescue of BET Award winner and rapper Sarkodie after he was accused of being disrespectful to Zapp Mallet.

The legendary music producer, Zapp Mallet accused Sarkodie of being disrespectful when he compared him to other music producers during the week.

According to Zapp Mallet, it was disrespectful for Sarkodie to compare his works with others.

The legendary Sound engineer stated distastefully that, “There is something called respect which is lacking in Ghana today. For instance, you don’t compare somebody who was churning out hits before you made Kindergarten with your mate who just started a couple of years back. Show some respect, You will also get there”

However, Appietus who readily agreed to Sarkodie’s invitation to challenge fellow music producer Jay Q had a different opinion of the whole issue.

According to Appietus, Sarkodie did not disrespect anybody. He argued that, as music producers and engineers, their works are always compared by the public that’s why they earn awards for their works.

He further opined that, if Zapp Mallet hated to be compared with others, he should return all the awards he had won.

He tweets currently has about 450 plus retweets and 1K likes.

“@sarkodie has not disrespected anybody, as music producers n sound engineers our works re always compared by the public n award schemes! If u’ve ever won an award it means u were compared to someone and u won, if u don’t like been compared then return all ur awards #BehindDaHitz”