Multiple award winning Ghanaian rapper, Sarkodie has not only become an household name through his rapping prowess, but through his music, has gone as far as touching the lives of his fans all over the world.

This assertion is perfectly seen when his 2017 song “hand to mouth”, literally change peoples believes and religiously threw light in the life of his followers who were living life on flashy things with no plan for their future.

In the said song, the rapper advised his listeners on how one needs to make plans for his future and and not spend his life savings on drinks and things that fade at the immediate time.

Over a year of its release, some fans have taken to BETNETWORK youtube page to express how listening to Sarkodie’s “hand of mouth ” song has help them own properties they never thought of owning.

Jay Blaze said

” Shouts out to Sark. His track “hand to mouth” motivated me to pass on a benz and finish my building. So big up to him for inspiring me “

Another commentator on YouTube also revealed how he had to relegate his idea to own the latest phone and laptop to buying a land.

” Wow bro.. Same has to mouth made me change my mind of buying a latest phone and laptop and use the money to buy a land instead “