Aside from doing music and appearing on big stages, one of the viable options for artists to make extra money is their Youtube channel.

Most artists have made it imperative to get good music out there which are often downloaded for free by our already saturated blogs making it not so lucrative anymore for most artist.

The desire to get their music out there makes them fall victim of these structures.

Producers and management of artist make their monies from artists through their bookings and performances, however, artists are exploited to an extent that they openly give up their rights to become slaves with no proper future.

Anyway, let me not drift from my point. I was checking up the YouTube subscribers of MzVee and I was saddened that after the many years of working under Lynx Entertainment, she has only garnered a meager 1.8 thousand subscribers.

These I believe are die-hard fans who will do anything to everything to show her support. Subscribers, unfortunately, or fortunately are a mixture of both die-hard fans and passive YouTubers.

Artists need to know that, they would not be slaves forever and that the desire to grow and be independent exists in every human, so definitely the desire to move away will one day pop up.

Before you sign that deal, make room for excess cash on your hard work.

Benefits from your videos even after retirement. Don’t sell your birthrights like Esau because of hunger and the immediate desire for fame.

Imagine MzVee even in her ‘hunger’ was able to have her own Youtube channel, Imagine late Ebony was able to have her own Youtube channel, the list goes on and on.

Currently, Kidi and Kuame Eugene have no channel. Exploitation or Not, someone needs to wise up.

Coming out of hunger is one thing, staying out of hunger is another.