One of the controversial question that has worried most religious folks over the years, both Christians and Muslim is “Sex before marriage or sex after marriage “.

Though the Bible explicitly says Sex before marriage is wrong, the complexity of life has made that part of the Christian doctrine difficult to accept.

Many believe that, its better to engage in sex before marriage to know if you are compatible with your wife to be or husband to be.

Adding her voice to Apostle kennedy Afreh Poku Tetebremu comment that Sex before marriage was okay, award winning radio presenter and Kingdom Fm primetime host, MP Nie has vouched for Sex before marriage but with a caveat.

According to her, sex before marriage is necessary and allows the man or woman to be certain of what he or she is going in for. She however asked that, the man should stop enjoying the woman if he’s not ready to marry the woman.

She also added that, before agreeing to a man, she had a way to knowing the size of the man’s manhood.

As for me, before I accept your proposal or when im about to accept it, I have a way I use just to see it(manhood). So if its not the kind I like, I want take you home “ she said on her show.

When asked how she will know that, she said she’s not ready to reveal it.