Dancehall artist Shatta Wale and his female bestie, Efia Odo seems to be at loggerheads as the once upon a time love that used to exist between the two is no more.

Prior to the availing of the Wonder Boy album, the relationship between the two was almost no more as the two had been in some friction in the past after the death of Junior.

Efia Odo was rumored to have had a threesome with the late US based artist and his friend Shatta Wale. Sadly , Shatta Wale who had numerous attempt to dispel the rumor, kept quiet and allowed it to fester much to the detriment of the cute Efia Odo.

The pain was so devastating that, the Young Efia Odo had to isolate herself from the public for some time.

The two however, bridged their differences and became paddies again with Efia Odo frequenting Shatta’s place and posting videos of the two sharing intimate moments.

Their friendship saw Shatta Wale making his presence felt when Efia was launching his “South African Wines” shop.

Well seems things have not been the same lately.

First, a music video that was recorded with Efia Odo included has since not been released months after the album was launched.

To make matters more clear, a fan of Shatta Wale who goes by the name Shatta Wale’s son posted a video which has both Efia Odo and Shatta Wale dancing to one of his songs in his studio on twitter and tagged the two.

Efia Odo quite frankly wasn’t into it and demanded she is never tagged again in that video

The lad then said, he knows the two are not in good terms anymore but they should try work things out. Efia Odo then revealed she’s ok without Shatta’s videos

Is it what i am thinking?

Are the two really at loggerheads?

Or as usual, Shatta Wale revealed his real self again?

We wait to see.