Dancehall artist Shatta Wale has gone to the aid of his friend Medikal by kneeling to beg Fella Makafui to forgive and forget and accept the rapper back.

Things between the two lovebirds have been rough lately with rumors going round that Fella Makafui had even moved from Medikals apartment.

Things got much worse when Medikal’s earlier move to ask Fella for forgiveness ended up in a brawl when Fella Makafui almost hit him with her phone.

Well, after spending 8mins on phone with Shatta Wale, Medikal was able to convince him to speak to his woman on his behalf. This we believe got Shatta Wale to visit Fella Makafui with a couple of guys to ask for forgiveness.

Shatta Wale with his wit and cunning traits, got on his knees to beg Fella to return to her ‘irreplaceable’ boyfriend.


We still don’t know exactly what Medikal did to Fella. Some believe it’s all planned but the truth will one day come out.