In 2019, US lawyer and former government official, Robert Swan Mueller conducted an investigation into the meddling of the Russian government in the 2016 general election. The investigation report which has gained the name “Mueller Report ” was to investigate if indeed Russian interfered in the 2016 presidential election.

During the 2016 US election, Russia was accused of using a coordinated campaign in collaboration with the Trump campaign team to decide who the president of US 🇺🇸 will be. This cordinated attempt involved creating social media accounts to post untrue stories about their opponent and using wikileaks to release documents, emails that implicated then candidates of the democrats, Hillary Clinton. The strategy worked, USA bought into the lies and Trump unexpectedly became president of the United States of America. Though the Mueller report failed to link Trump directly to Russia, his aids and campaign members were indicted and most jailed for their parts played.

In Ghana, 2016 looked like a do or die election. Many Ghanaians were fed up with the perceived slow growth of the economy coupled with eractic power supply. Many were also undecided per reports. Though it looked like the country was heading towards a change, the then presidential candidate of the Npp didn’t want to risk it. Akufo Addo, just like Trump, engaged in the services of KRL. An international firm that engages in communication and media PR particularly to influence a country’s election and political fortunes.

What KRL does it to feed Ghanaians with news that will benefit one particular candidates. These are done in sweeping and systematic fashion to influence the election patterns of Ghanaians. What this means is that, you are made to believe in a particular candidate unconsciously by what they feed you with.

KRL isn’t new to Ghana as it has had a murkier history with this country. KRL was employed by Kosmos in 2009 to commission a smear campaign against the Republic of Ghana . KRL lobbied the white House to put pressure on Ghana over Kosmos decision to sell it takes of the oil fields without the government approval. They did not stop there but sponsored the publication of fake articles to criticize the government of Ghana. This is the said company who was engaged by then candidate of the Npp.

Its also a point to not that, KRL was also used by the then government in power to tarnish the image of Akufo Addo by sponsoring scalding articles against his person.

KRL was founded by Riva Levinson, a former associate of Paul Managort , who has been convicted in the USA for using the same approach in getting Trump elected as president of the United States.

The approach might not necessarily be criminal in Ghana but it calls to the attention of all thinking Ghanaians as to how a presidential candidate of a political party would mortgage the safety and interest of a country for his own personal interest.

Documents of the agreement between KRL and Nana Akufo Addo indicates that after successfully winning election through the use of KRL, the President extended their contract but this time, used the office of the president to make payment to KRL.