Nikki Banks, Kuame Eugene

Up coming female singer, Nikki Banks has thrown shyness into the gutters and has gathered courage to propose love to Lynx Entertainment finest, Kuame Eugene.

In a love letter, the female singer gushes over the “ohemaa” hit-maker by revealing how she has been smitten by his smile, voice, body and laughter.

According to the young female singer, she’s only shooting her shot and prays her feelings are respected and accepted by Kuame Eugene.

She took to Instagram and wrote;

” Sometimes you have to stop being scared and just go for it.
Either it will work out,or it won’t.
That’s life!! I am in love with your smile,your voice,your body,your laugh ,your eyes.
But most of all I am in love 😍 with you.
You don’t even have the slightest idea how much I LIKE you.
You’re my one in seven billion!! Help me tag my #mce @kuamieugene 🙈😘 #rockstar #mancrusheveryday #mce #anotherrealbhadgal #romansister #doubleflexentertainment

However, Kuame Eugene who might be smiling after seeing how far a female artist could go for him , is yet to respond to this public submission.

Others also see it as a stunt to promote a yet to be released music. Time will tell.For now, lets enjoy the mini-drama.