Akuapem Poloo seems to be restless over Sista Afia after the songstrsss released her diss song titled WMT last week.

The video vixen turn actress, whose real name is Rosemond Brown in a post, seems to suggest that Sista Afia was earlier sleeping around with Medikal before the rapper finally settled down with Fella Makafui. Meaning, while the rapper was dating his , Sister Derby, he was banging Sista Afia on the side.

Though Akuapem Poloo chose to not attach names to her controversial post, her earlier recorded video purposely to attack the “WMT” singer gave her out. This was also easily seen by her followers who kept mentioning Medikal, Sista Afia and Fella Makafui under her comments section.

According to the proud honey seller, Sista Afia still had the nerves to make an appearance at Fella Makafui’s wedding even though she was banging his husband since 2017.

“You have been fucking this dude since 2017🤦🏽‍♀️. On his wedding day too you didn’t allow him with his soo called wife you were at the wedding. What do you want🤷🏾‍♂️? Isn’t not the dude dick? You dey there they do diss song😏 I said no one should bring themselves Koraa if not Ghana will not contain us focus on your one and half marriage let focus on our money chasing.”

This is the second time the young actress has gone after Sista Afia. She earlier in a video claimed the singer was paid to record her WMT diss song.