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So many people spend money to ‘look’ successful on social media but cant afford gari -Lydia Forson

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January 09, 2020

Ghanaian actress and social commentator, Lydia Forson has taken to social media platform Twitter to educate the many who live a fake lifestyle on social media.

According to the award winning actress and producer, some people spend their resources to look successful on social media when in fact, their bank accounts can’t afford them an item as cheap as gari.

She however advised such individuals who prefer to look good on social media to channel their resources into making something out of themselves than the fake impressions they put on social media.

She wrote.
Social media.So many people spend money,time and energy trying to look “successful” on social media; but they can’t afford Gari…Imagine if you actually put those resources into making something of yourself.You’d rather “look” rich than be rich?? 👀”

Her followers agreed with the actresses line of thinking and prayed people spend their time, money and energy to build themselves and not for the grams

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