The editor and owner of has called on one brave Ghanaian guy to intentionally pretend to be rich and have sex with Fantana.

Fantana who is signed to Rufftown records and Blown GH has over the months picked a niche for herself as a person who will only date worthy men.

The musician hasn’t shy-ed from making her preference heard as she was recently captured in an interview stating that “if you are rich you can approach me. if you are not rich , don’t approach me. You can’t love me if you can’t buy me all the gifts and all the things that i need. I am not going to chop love”

Well it seems her preference did not go down with most men as Angelo Supremo took to twitter to spur guys on to fake their lifestyle and have their way with the singer.

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According to him, Fantana is not serious.

But that fantana girl make some people fake Riches den chop am left am eeeeh she no be serious

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