It took me a lot of conviction and strength to pen this piece down especially since it might seem like a ruthless criticism at someone I grew up listening to any time I self introspect and connect to God.

Yesterday I was a bit freaked out and heavy hearted when i read headlines of Pastor Sonnie Badu sending a strong warning to the wife of Bill Gate. I was confused and I asked why? Seems his stern words to the good woman was done without thorough thinking but made it way on every blog site and some online news outlets like Ghanaweb picked it up.

‘’Sonnie Badu tells Bill Gates wife to shut up!’’ -GhanaWEB

‘’Sonnie Badu tells Bill Gates wife to shut up over coronavirus comments about Africa’’- PulseGh

‘’Madam keep quiet;you are not God-Sonnie Badu lashes out at Bill Gates wife’’-Peacefmonline

These and more were the headlines that got my attention yesterday. Curious as I am, I decided to listen to what Malinda Gate actually said.

Malinda Gate, who is married to one of the richest man in the world was being interview about her views on the current Corona-virus outbreak that has currently killed almost 150,000 people and infected about 1.5 million people around the globe.

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Her response was nothing but the out-most truth. Untainted, undiluted and honest truth.

According to Mrs Gate, Africa would be badly hit if corona-virus is allowed to take hold of Africa. She added that looking at the number of deaths going on in USA and Europe ,our streets will be littered with dead bodies. Her statements were hypothetical situations.

I watched the video and with the information we have and what we know about the health facilities in Africa, I shudder to think any well thinking person with working brains will think otherwise.

One major equipment needed to save lives during this outbreak is the earnest availability of oxygen and ventilators. These are a few statistics I gathered concerning these life saving equipment across Africa.

Sierra Leone has 13 ventilators to 7.65mil people

Central Africa Republic has 3 ventilators for 4.6mil people

Liberia has 3 ventilators to 4.8mil people

South Sudan has 4 Ventilators to 22mil people

Ghana has 66 ventilators for 23mil citizens

How are we going to surprise the world when the same thing going on in Europe , especially where Sonnie Badu is conveniently staying and preaching comes to Ghana.

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Indeed Africa is not what we usually see on TV in Europe in 1918 where sick looking dirt skeletal people with flies competing with kids to eat were used to raise funds.

Indeed we have evolved and are developing but we do not have a well developed structured healthcare and facility to beat this invincible dreadful disease if it takes us hostage.

Yes there will be dead bodies on our streets if we are overwhelmed by the virus. Africa is just at the first phase of the attack and due to proactive approach by its leaders and the low amount of flights that came to Africa during the period , its just recording low numbers of infection and deaths

Sir, you were in haste to get a heroic applaud. You were eager for hype and headline(something you are not new to but you have been starved a bit).

You are deemed intelligent enough not to be carried away by headline, something you woefully failed this time.

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Its good to want applauds. Its good you want attention. No one is stopping you sir, but you have no reasonable right to ask someone to shut up especially when the persons argument makes sense.

I have also noticed when you are faced with the truth, you disgracefully block the person on social media. Sir , you are now a man of God(at least that’s what you want us to believe), with pictures of you holding a long staff forcing a pose of Aaron, put that attitude aside because its naive and unhinged. When you criticize others for sharing their views, open up to be criticize also. In your case you goofed bad but you are just faking bravado but deep down within you, you must be really disappointed that you fell for a headline.

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