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March 11, 2020

Observer One is my name. You can call me “O One”, and I stand for the good of all. #ToGodAndCountry! Yeah, as my name indicates, I sniff around with keen interest in matters of interest. One such matter that is raging, causing a stir in my spirit, has to do with the bizarre vetting that took place at the Okaikwei Central Constituency.

Surely, NII KOMETEY HAS NO CAUSE TO WORRY ABOUT HIS DESQUALIFICATION! He has nothing to lose, unlike the other. From the look of things, I am firmly convinced that the Nii Kometey brand can turn Okaikwei Central NPP upside down if care is not taken. All it will take is a simple decision to go independent. Forget about precedence. His support-base is massive and very capable.

It is said that campaign towards this year’s general elections will be issues-based – such as comparative achievements, deeds, goodwill and one’s general appeal, which is also informed by ideas, policies and initiatives that make positive impact on people’s lives.

First of all, as I gathered, Nii Kometey was disqualified on terribly stinky flimsy grounds. One being that one or two of those who endorsed his forms had fake membership IDs. The second being that he must nurture the party for two years haven served a twelve-month suspension which happened over a year ago. This means serve the party for another two years before he can merit contest for any office whatsoever. 

Laughably, the chairperson of the committee quoted article 12 clause 1 of the New Patriotic Party’s Constitution to back that assertion. I would like to urge you my reader to fetch the NPP’s constitution from google and you will be blown away what you find there.

However, the purpose of this writeup is to point it out to the vetting committee, that the manner in which they handled the vetting of Nii Kometey Tetteh was so unprofessional. It was gravely vicious! Seriously, I don’t know how best I can describe the whole process other than to liken it to something that was “stage-managed”. Hence, may I urge you to read further because there’s a lot to talk about in addition to snippets of what transpired at Nii Kometey’s vetting which, as I see it, was a done-deal for the committee. As one of the audience put it: “The vetting room apparently, unknown to us, was a little theatre with a stage meant for Eleven characters to perform a play to an audience of twenty plus”. He continued: “As we observed, an act that was meant to be performed by a crew of Eleven was easily executed by only Three (out of the five performers).”

Now, here’s a glimpse of one scene in the drama – but I will show it to you with a question. For instance, if you must submit to an enquiry, how would you feel if the one probing you makes a comment like “…because I WANT TO NAIL YOU FURTHER into the coffin!”? Just tell me, how would you feel?

Seriously, I am of the view that common sense, which is not usually common, would tell you no, if I speak this way and manner people might think that I have been influenced or “bought”. The vetting that lasted for just about fifteen minutes was so dramatic and an eye-saw! Nail you into “the” coffin…? Question is, were we in a vetting program or at a burial of service of someone’s enemy? I’m told the few who were there were confused and taken aback at the turn of events. No wonder the good people of Okaikwei Central were completely chapfallen upon hearing the news of Nii Kometey’s disqualification. A gentleman who is presently the only hope of true democracy, freedom, unity and progress for the NPP party in the constituency, how could he be met with this diabolical and shambolic tyranny. Anyway, these notwithstanding, we are very confident that the appeals committee, made up of highly revered and respected people, matured, and in fact, people of unmatched integrity would not disappoint. Then also, I call on Hon. Patrick Boamah to man up and call the bluff of the committee if he is truly a fellow who really cares about the people he claim to be leading in the Okaikwei Central Constituency. Do this, Mr. Patrick, because it might help you maybe in a little way as you try to prove if you’re indeed performing. And I want the leadership of the party to be informed, that the calm in the constituency today is purely based on the trust in the calibre of personalities on the appeals committee. Our expectation is that the report from the committee will be exactly what transpired at the vetting so that the appeals committee would not be swayed.

What I mean is that, the reasons for the disqualification were pronounced right there and then. I am now picking information that the membership card matter in not an issue. Hence the whole issue concerning Nii Kometey’s ordeal centers around his twelve months suspension. I will be giving you grounds for which I believe that Nii Kometey’s disqualification was in a sense, literally stage-managed.

It is so awful, disgusting and terribly disheartening, that the party that prides itself of being pioneers of democracy, at least,  in the fourth republic of Ghana, would go on this distasteful tangent to suppress the will of the people in its bid to protect others, much of whom are so selfish, mean and a threat to their own party members and the same people who brought them to power. If NPP truly believes in democracy, they must show it in every sense of the word. Rumour has it that people like Hon. Osei Kyei Mensah, Hon. Attakyia and the likes have literally become tasteless and undesirable albatross on their respective constituencies. SO it is! Because whilst their constituents are so tired and pissed off with them and really want them removed, the party is busily wasting precious but scarce resources to protect them. On certain grounds the party may have valid arguments regarding the reason to protect these individuals. A cursory look into the squad from the opposition would reveal that the NPP cannot afford to do away with the likes of Osei Kyei Mensah. Of course, which of the incoming ones poses the experience and mettle required to face the likes of Haruna Iddrisu, the Ablakwa’s and the new baby with hyper-sharp teeth Sam George. Here then comes the big question: What at all is it that makes the party conceive the idea of protecting somebody like Patrick Boamah.

Now, one thing I have learnt regarding parliamentary candidature is that anyone who wish to contest on the party’s ticket must be popular. Really? Let any concerned national party executive visit the constituency and enquire or better said, investigate Boamah’s record and relationship with the constituency ahead of his coming. You would be shocked the amount of work that was done by the then ward/polling station chairpersons in the constituency just to sell him to the delegates. Patrick Boamah was a total stranger – and truly so. No one knew him.

You ask: How then did he get the opportunity that has brought him to where he is now? I’m not surprised at that question at all! The then incumbent MP, Elizabeth Sackey, who was also literally hand-picked from “elsewhere” to contest on their behalf had so disappointed them in so many ways. Truth is, Patrick was nowhere near doing anything with the party in the constituency. He had no relationship with Okaikwei Central NPP. And this is what happened: Some handful of people had observed that Boamah, holding no political office had helped some individuals secure support from MASLOC. It was then rumoured that he’s quite well connected so they thought he was going to do a great job of bringing or exposing constituents to more of such opportunities. One constituency executive tells me that one of the things they believed in Boamah was a sense that he would champion the needs of women, youth development, and welfare of party members; delegates in particular. Sneaking into one ward meeting around Fadama with a delegate friend, I couldn’t believe how the entire attendants lamented on their displeasure at how much they have been deceived. Deceived because they now realize, that Elizabeth Sackey possibly may have done at least a little more in the sense that they can point to some few people who got the chance to further their education among other things. Now, with the numerous sectoral opportunity allocations to MPs, they challenge Boamah to show them one single person he has helped with any of those opportunities. Instead of responding or attending to these core matters, he’s rather going around castigating and spewing venom on the very ones that hand-picked and shepherded him into who he is today. A delegate tells me: Boamah simply hates people with potential”. He detests anyone who appears to be on top of issues. Very intolerant. You dare not attempt to get him to account for his stewardship. Ask a question and you’re shut down like we’re in some elementary “saito”. Nii Kometey says: “I see a world in the future in which we understand that all life is related to us and we treat that life with great humility, dignity and respect.” Very thoughtful, right!Boamah simply cannot bring himself to this kind of thinking towards the very people who made him. And knows it too well, that he’s such a disappointment, incompetent and a failure. He’s not ignorant that the same people have what it takes to dribble him out of power without sweat. And they will do it! They will push him out of office without sweat.

I can confidently tell you on authority, as supported by the true situation on the ground, that Patrick Boamah is very unpopular to both the NPP fraternity of Okaikwei Central and their counterparts from the NDC. My mentioning of NDC in relation to the matter at hand is not a joke, nor a mere writing gimmick or a goof. Many of our opponents in Okaikwei Central are willing to show gratitude to Nana Addo for all the great interventions he has brought that they’re also enjoying but they simply want nothing to do with Patrick. About three months ago, we had one top official visit the constituency and to our surprise, he lamented and I quote: “so you people, don’t you have anyone to contest Boamah, why do you allow this to continue?” Well, that’s some food for thought. But let’s come back to the substantive issue at hand.

If you have so many people both within and outside the party calling for the removal of Boamah, it stands to reason, that any effort aimed at protecting him would yield no good fruit. As a party, when we hear prophets say that God has rejected former president Mahama, we’re happy, right? I dare say that it is the same with Boamah! The people are just waiting for an opportunity to vote him out. And any attempt to deny them that opportunity would be met with a crunch opposition. One that’s so uncharacteristic of Okaikwei Central constituents but do not be fooled. For your information, the people are ready to fight their own course if the party fails to bring their ears to the ground. I say this because by far, actions of party leadership suggest that their hands are open and ready to receive the gift that they are calling for! 

Moreover, for Nii Kometey Tetteh’s disqualification, the questions from one particular member of the panel, which centered on that baseless, illegal and sinisterly suspension instigated by Patrick Boamah and his allies are very curious. This is not an attack but a telling of what really pertains on the grounds. Get to the constituency and listen to what accounted for his suspension and your conclusion will not be different.

We’ve been talking about change, suggesting that Patrick Boamah must be voted out to make way for Nii Kometey. That’s absolutely true! But our call for change goes beyond removing Boamah. First and foremost, many of us support this change because it is the desire of the people of Okaikwei Central Constituency. Desire that’s founded on very solid grounds. To the extent that our political opponents are even supporting him so they will add their votes to him and 4MoreForNana. Secondly, Patrick Boamah is power-drunk from all indications! I say this because in politics, the number-one pointer to who’s power-drunk is when they go about attacking, maligning, and doing politics with shear propaganda. The second is when their heralds only spread fake news to cover their failure and unpopularity. Moreover, when one is an incumbent, what we expect is politics based on track record and achievements, deeds and satisfaction. The situation on the grounds in Okaikwei Central is entirely different. Just get to the grounds and you will be shocked how party members have become so scared of talking during meetings. Everybody must dance to his drums which offers no rhythm. He’s so self-centred, self-imposing and oppressive – practicing favouritism and selective rule. There’s so much fear, preventing party members from approaching to seek help from our own MP including executives. The statement we’re making with our call is LET THE RIGHTEOUS RULE!

Let me tell you one thing: Patrick Boamah’s nightmare is that his contender is an indigenous! The delegates are confident and convinced that Nii Kometey is simply one of their own. He has been with them for years. He has served, sacrificed, struggled with them. He’s a true foot-marshal in the constituency, and whose service-to-party credential is unmatched! We’re in 2020, right? Nii Kometey has served in all levels of foot-soldierism since 1992. He is very conversant with the rudiments of Okaikwei Central NPP. He knows the pains and anguish of the people because he is in it himself. With his level of knowledge in how things are run and the endless opportunities available for the people, they have so much confidence in him that he is more than capable of delivering on his promise. No wonder his campaign mantra has been “A PROMISE BEYOND HOPE”. A promise beyond hope, as I examine, is because when they grieved, he grieved with them. When they cried, he cried with them! He shares in their disappointments. He knows their needs because he suffered the same needs. He talks about unity because he’s been a victim of the otherwise. Truth is, Nii Kometey remains the only thorn in Boamah’s flesh because Nii Kometey is a young man with a big heart. Patrick is in power, but Nii Kometey is the one that is approached for help by majority of constituents, delegates and executives. He’s very humble and welcoming. Approachable and helpful. Never turns people down no matter what! Nii Kometey is simply the people’s man! Period!

Writer: Paa Kwesi Asare

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