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Stop Personal Attacks, Focus On My Music – Emelia Brobbey

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December 19, 2019
Emelia Brobbey

Those who have been lambasting actress Emelia Brobbey over her new single Fa Me Ko and telling her to quit doing music had better stop wasting their time because she says she is here to stay and is not going anywhere.

Since last week, Emelia Brobbey has been in the news for not so good reasons; she has received widespread criticism and the trolling has been brutal over her ‘bad’ voice on Fa Me Ko. While she doesn’t mind the comments, what Emelia told Graphic Showbiz she dislikes are the personal attacks.

“If you don’t like the song I have released just say so and stop insulting me. Well, in any case, I have come to realise Ghanaians even insult the President so how much more Emelia Brobbey,” she said on Monday, December 16.

As the saying goes, there is nothing like bad publicity because, despite the insults, Emelia’s video for the song has been gaining a lot of views on YouTube. As on Tuesday, December 17, the video had racked up 277,577 views and Emelia said it’s because the song and the video are on point.

“I have been preparing for music for a while and those who know me will testify that I have always had the talent in me. I have done a couple of movie soundtracks but I decided to go into full-time music now.

“In fact, I have a couple of songs ready which I will be releasing soon. I am also available for gigs should anyone require my services,” she said.

Emelia also chose to see the positives in the reactions to the song saying although a lot of people don’t like it, there were so many also who liked it and had encouraged her.

“I would have had a problem if every Ghanaian had a problem with the song but I have gotten very influential people in the music fraternity who love the song to bits. What most people complain about is my voice so I have decided to use autotune next time if that is what Ghanaians want,” she said.

Emelia said she was looking forward to collaborating with Highlife legend Daddy Lumba. “It will be a great honour to feature someone like Daddy Lumba on my subsequent songs. I like Daddy Lumba’s songs,” she said.

Source: Graphic Showbiz

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