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Tacha, the lady with the largest fan base in Africa coming to Ghana

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November 17, 2019

She’s the most talked-about personality in Africa and has remained consistently number one on social media platform Twitter since 28 September 2019.

Her penchant to be the number on twitter convinced the CEO of Twitter, Jack, who presumably had no choice but to succumb to the power of the new celebrity, Tacha and follow her.

Tacha, born Anita Natacha Akide is the euphemism or the real meaning of Psalm 118:22.

Just like the rejected Stone, Tacha was unjustifiably disqualified from the 2019 edition of the Big brother Naija and sent packing when she was found guilty of provocation when in fact, her opponent, who Big brother saw as a victim, started the whole brawl.

She begun by insulting Tacha and calling her stupid. She didn’t stop there but continued by wiping the face of tacha with her hair.

Tacha’s only crime was her involuntary reaction when she tried yanking off the hair that was used to hit her.

Unknowing to Tacha, her attitude to being blunt, truthful and loyal in the big brother house had inured to her benefit as she was unconsciously building an army of dedicated and loyal fans outside the house and all over Africa known as the Titans. The Titans have made sure their queen remains number one on Social media.

Dubbed the queen of Sold Out, Tacha, who is born to a Ghanaian mother and a Nigeria father, has had every brand she touches being sold out instantly.

This however is not new since her army outside the house made sure whatever dress she wore during her stay in the house was also sold out after 1-2hours when she appears in the Saturday night party wearing them.

The gains, love, fanbase and “stans” Tacha has garnered after the Bbnaija reality show has surpassed the eventual winner, Mercy, by a million miles, probably the distance between night and day.

The 23-year-old entrepreneur has been described by Wikipedia as the African with the largest fan base in the continent and has been compared to the likes of the Beehives of Beyonce and Barbs of Nickie Minaj.

Tacha has so far, met about 15% of her fans in Nigeria and the reality star has promised to take her “Meet & Greet” to Ghana, her motherland.

The queen is set to be in Ghana on the 22nd of November and will stay in the capital city of Accra for 5days. This is to allow her fans in Ghana to have a feel of her.

Fans of Tacha in Ghana known as ‘Titans Ghana’ are preparing earnestly towards her visit as a member of the group has disclosed.

Port Harcourt, Abuja & Benin better watch out. It seems Tacha would be carried in a palanquin when she arrives in Ghana.

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