The childishness of Shatta wale seems not to have an end as the self-acclaimed dancehall king as reiterated via a post on Snapchat as his perceived beef with Ibrah One ranges on.

Shatta wale whose ego and pride has been shattered by Ibrah’s insinuation that he has slept with the mother of his child before has taken the Eminem path to dirty himself and his baby mama.

According to Shatta wale, Ibrah One shouldn’t bother about sleeping with Shatta Michy because, almost everybody has done the same before with her naked pictures resting patiently on the gallery section of the phones of guys.

ibi you go tell me Shatta Michy matter. Ahhhh woman weh her naked pictures dey on waiting list on people dema phone that will soon be released like your own. You dey tell me about am..

Shatta Wale feels done by Ibrah’s clapback and from the looks of things is ready to drag anyone through the mud with no dignity, integrity and respect left.

At least he has disrespected the woman who stood by him through nothing till be became the braggart he’s now.