Kwadwo Sheldon,DKB

Social media comedian and self-acclaimed ‘Content Nyame’, Kwadwo Sheldon has replied popular Ghanaian comedian DKB for vilifying him yesterday on Twitter.

According to Kwadwo Sheldon, its comical and laughable for DKB to say he is not funny and that the last time his compatriot cracked a joke that was funny, he had a hairline on his head. He went further to describe DKB as a woman beater.

The last time DKB cracked a funny joke, I had a hairline but he dey fine tell somebro say he no be funny! This woman beater!

Things took a weird turn yesterday when a retweet that was meant to be joke was met with a tacky response from Sheldon. His unfortunate reply later degenerated into a sea of insults and curses from him and a twitter user by handle @Mr_Ceyram .

Kwadwo Sheldon who was responding to a tweet yesterday, involved the dead mother of his nemesis which forced DKB to join in.

According to the DKB, he had harbored pains in his heart for Sheldon after he was trolled and insulted by the chap some 6years ago.