The current outbreak of the Covid19 has demystified the myth around the president of the United States of America, Donald J Trump as a strong character.

Lauded as the most loved individual in the states because of his ability to change the narrative anytime he’s pushed towards the wall, POTUS invisibility has been broken leaving him openly exposed as a fraud and nothing else.

I might not be a lover of the president of the United States and my reasons are reasonable and sensible due his unpredictability and behavior on a wide range of issues.

Donald Trump, since the outbreak of the coronavirus to when America recorded it first case has been reactive and kneejerk in his approach. Begun by describing it as a hoax by the Democrats to being a one day thing.

His daily press briefing has been poor. His incessant attacks on journalists who’s only problem is to ask questions portrays the President as physiologically unstable and confused.

No one will wish such for even his enemy but the most powerful country in the world currently has a bad President.

States in America are in doomsday. Deaths are in tens of thousands and there’s no one to speak and assure the populace.

White House has been turned into a comic theatre. Doctor Fauci and NY governor Cuomo seems to be the only hope that lies between life and death.

But on the far end of the globe. In a small country in Africa, west Africa lies a president who has shown beyond reasonable doubt that the size and power of a country does not matter, the will to whip everybody in line with a strong message can be soothing.

The President of Ghana, Nana Akufo Addo has through his timely broadcast, won the hearts of many leaders around the world.

Recently described as a brother by the WHO secretary, Akufo Addo’s ability to speak to the hearts and minds of his people has been a holy grail Trump lacks.

In this time of global disaster and crises, the president of Ghana has remained resolute and stable to bring everyone in his country along to achieve a common goal, to beat the virus.

Until recently, Ghana was a more politically polarised country than the states but the election of Trump has changed the scale.

Piers Morgan said in his recent article, “And the main job of a wartime leader, as Churchill and Queen Elizabeth showed, is to instill in people a sense of national pride, purpose, responsibility, fortitude and resolve – not a sense of cack-handed chaos.”