A facebook user shared her ordeal in one of facebook’s popular groups “Tell It All” with her mom, what’s she has been through since birth and how she has already taken enough of the curses reigned on her.

She wrote:

Please don’t hide my identity. This has been my cross since my childhood and I think I am tired of carrying it now. The woman who gave birth to me has repeatedly abused me and blamed me for her failures in life. According to her, she never made it because she got pregnant with me at the age of 14.

For this reason, she has forever blamed me for all her misfortunes and thinks that I owe her money for giving birth to me. She has done a lot of untold things to me including disowning me and placing curses on me throughout my child. There was not a single day that she did not remind me of how she hated me and would never like me till the day she dies. She used to wish that I would die so she would not have to be reminded of her shame.

She used to label me as a burden. She used to say that she was so ashamed of me that she felt embarrassed to introduce me to people as her child. I had a brother that she always professed her undying love for. She would constantly refer me to every thing she does for me including the food she fed me with. For all the reasons above, I left home when I was 18 years old so I would not loose my mind.

In spite of all the abuse and maltreatment, I’ve been there for her. I take care of her. She currently lives in a house that I pay for. I recently sent her ghc10,000.00 to open a shop and still send her extra money for up keep on top of that. But she does not appreciate because she believes that I owe her more than that for her services.

My pain right now is, till today, the she will rain curses on me and demand that I pay her for everything she has done for me at the slightest provocation, including demanding that I pay her for her breast milk as you can see from her WhatsApp messages to me one day ago.

I have decided that enough is enough. I have decided to cut her off from my life but my entire family thinks I’m wrong because she gave birth to me.

How would you proceed if you’re in my shoes? Thank you.