Multiple award winning dancehall and reggae artist, Livingstone Etse Satekla has responded to VGMA press release over their decision to lift their ban.

Last week, the organisers of the annual prestigious music awards in Ghana, VGMA release a statement saying they have finally lifted the indefinite sanctions they placed on Stonebwoy and Shatta wale for the skirmishes that almost marred the 2019 award scheme.

An unplanned appearance of Shatta Wale on stage when Stonebwoy was receiving an award almost left patrons in bruises and injuries when a fight broke out on stage between the entourage of both artists.

The organisers decided to suspend the two artists indefinitely from the scheme and further asked them to return the awards they won that night.

Though both artists have yet to return the awards after two years, the Scheme has decided to renege on its earlier decision and accept the two artists back to the award scheme.

Seems Stonebwoy is not fully happy with their decision and seems to ask for more.

According to him, since they are part of the industry, it will be advisable for the scheme to invite them for a discussion on the way forward and also, he’s given an opportunity to be heard.

We however don’t know what he wants to be heard on since his opinion wasn’t solicited when the scheme decided to indefinitely ban him.

He took to twitter and said

Dear VGMA Board & Scheme organisers,I hear the purpose of the VGMA is to celebrate and project Ghanaian musicians and music.If that is so, it takes nothing from you to meet with us the artistes/ our reps b4 reaching decisions that affect us and communicating them to the public. The right to be heard is a principle that applies in every noble society. Even the all seeing God, who had already seen and knew all that Adam and Eve did in the Garden of Eden, still made sure he heard them before he took action against them. #IfTheySoDesire really???”