It all started when Kwadwo Sheldon had his YouTube account terminated three weeks ago by the American online video-sharing platform.

Teacher Kwadwo apparently took to his Facebook page to inform his followers what had happened to Sheldon’s account and somehow seemed like he was rejoicing over it. He later came back to inform his followers to follow Kwadwo Sheldon’s ad-hoc account when he created a new one. He explained his earlier intention was not to ridicule Sheldon but was to share his predicament to his followers.

It seems Kwadwo Sheldon was still not happy with what he did and issued a stern warning to him when replying to a tweet on Tuesday.

Things then took another turn when the two content creators were nominated for an award by the National Communication Awards.

Teacher Kwadwo was adjudged the Content creator of the year and that didn’t sit down well with Sheldon as their followers took turns to troll each other and state why their favorite won or should have won.

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