Thousands of dissatisfied supporters of the opposition NDC have taken t the streets of Ketu South to demonstrate against the EC chairperson for calling the December 7th election for President Akufo Addo.

The Electoral Commission chairperson, Madam Jean Adukwe Mensa declared the sitting president, President Akufo addo has he winner of the election held two days before.

According to the EC , Akufo Addo garnered 51.3% of the legal votes cast while John Dramani Mahama came second by pulling 47.3% of the votes counted. The NDC however disputed the figures churned by the EC.

The opposition party which held a litany of press conferences disclosed that, the EC was working hand in hand with the government to steal the election for the sitting president. In one of the speeches, the NDC claimed John Dramani Mahama had won the election and also, the NDC won the majority of the parliamentary seats.

This level of dissatisfaction by the leaders of the party has trickled down to the supporters who have taken matters into their own hands by protesting against the EC.

In the volta region, thousands of NDC supporters in the Ketu South constituency took to the street to protest against the Jean Mensah led Electoral Commission over what they call a flawed election that led to the declaration of President Akufo -Addo as President elect.