Yesterday, Tracy Boakye took to social media to debunk an audio recording between herself and Mzbel. In the said recording, that has now gone viral, Tracy is heard accusing Mzbel of tarnishing her image to a certain Mahama.

According to Tracy Boakye, she has access to Mahama’s phone and she has seen all the raunchy messages Mzbel sents to him including her intention to have sex with him.

Well, when the audio went viral two days to the general election, Tracy came online denying she was the one on the audio.

Taking her viewers for a bunch of dumb uneducated kids who can not differentiate between an actual audio and a doctored one, Tracy opined that her voice were edited in the recorded conversation. Her position was also echoed by followers of the NDC and the actress.

Mzbel has subtly come out to attest to the authenticity of the audio recording.

According to the veteran musician and restaurant owner, ” if suddenly someone calls you and starts accusing you of something you have no clue of, what do you say or do” ?

This was the question Mzbel threw to a follower who stated that he was disappointed in the musician.

This statement by Mzbel does one important thing. It goes to establish the authenticity of the audio recording. Thus, the said audio isn’t fake as Tracy Boakye insultingly wants us to believe.

The question then is, is the said Mahama the same as the former president of Ghana or there’s a different Mahama in the picture.