Afropop musician and former signee of Burniton music, Kelvyn Boy, was almost beaten when he disobeyed orders to see his girlfriend who returned from the US and was serving quarantine in a 5 star hotel in the center of Accra.

Recently, the government of Ghana allowed Ghanaians who had been stranded in USA and other countries to return home and serve a mandatory 14days quarantine in some selected hotels. The hotels included Airport View, Alisa Hotel and Kempiski Gold Coast Hotel.

Apparently, among the dignitaries and celebrities that returned, a girlfriend of Kelvyn Boy was included and was quarantined in one of the above Hotels.

The singer is rumored to have caused confusion at the hotel when he came there to visit his girlfriend .

Upon reaching the hotel, he was told to go back since it was impossible to grant his request. He was asked to go back but this caused a bit of scuffle for about 3hrs.

Kelvyn Boy then decided to go only to meander his way back using an unprescribed route and the stairs. He was determined to break protocols and see his US girlfriend who had been quarantined in the hotel.

His modus operandi was captured on security cameras and was almost beaten by the national security officer in charge. A disgrace Kelvyn Boy was later sacked and warn not to return