Actress Salma Mumin has hit back at Moesha Boduong for saying she’s bitter because her decision to have a buttocks implant wasn’t as successful as her.

This morning actress Moesha Boduong took to Instagram to lambast her fellow screen actress as bitter simply because her buttocks didnt turn out As big as hers after having a surgery to increase it.

Moesha in her writeup, disclosed that she once lived in the same house with Salma Mumin.

Salma Mumin has however taken to social media to debunk Moesha assertion and described it as an outright lie.

According to the “away bus” actress, she never lived with Moesha but rather, Moesha used to live in a single room with her brother. She also opined in a series of write-ups that, Moesha’s resident smelled so bad that no one wanted to visit her then.

The restaurant operator didnt end there, Salma Mumin went further to state that, Moesha’s body is deformed from excessive surgery and she needs to find a job.

Salma also denied creating pseudo accounts to ridicule Moesha.

As we said earlier, this beef is just boiling. We haven’t seen the end of it yet