Amandzeba Nat Brew
Amandzeba Nat Brew

Veteran Ghanaian musician, Amandzeba Nat Brew, has opened up for the first about the accident he was involved in on Sunday, January 5.

Nat Brew Source: Source: UGC

Speaking at a press conference at La Palm Beach Hotel today, Nat Brew admitted that he passed out while driving because he had not slept in days and that was what cause the accident.

He said he had been doing late-night studio sessions for his upcoming album and had not had enough sleep which resulted in him passing out behind the steering wheel on that day.

” I was on my way to the studio and I hadn’t had enough sleep since Michael came to town. That day he advised that I did not have to drive but I insisted and said hey we are going to the studio. Sit down let’s go. I think I must have passed out. It was the fatigue and once I am getting younger and younger, you have to know that it is taking a toll on me,” Amandzeba Nat Brew stated.

Amandzeba Nat Brew who recently got a new management deal with Jah Mikal Entertainment- the same record label that Morgan Heritage is signed on- disclosed that he will be dropping his new album in August 2020.

Details for his contract with Jah Mikal Entertainment are not immediately known.

Nat Brew escaped unhurt as the airbag in his car blew up in time to prevent his head from hitting the steering wheel.

Per a report by, the accident occurred at about 5:20 pm after Brew’s Ford Explorer rammed into a parked white Nissan Ranger, which was also parked there.

The Nissan Ranger then hit a Toyota Camry which was parked on the same road. Read more:

Credit: Yen Ghana