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(Video) Man arrested for trying to drop a number of thumb printed ballots papers in the boxes

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December 07, 2020

A young man has been arrested in the Asawase constituency of the Ashanti Region for trying to commit a number of voting infringement.

The man who is only identified as an NPP member, was approached and stopped by the EC official on duty when he tried to drop a number of thumb printed ballots papers in the drop boxes in the full glare of other voters.

The thump printed ballots papers had a stamp of the EC behind all the ballot papers.

In a related news, the current MP for the area, Muntala Mohammed has vowed to ask for a verification and an audit in the case there’s a slightest amount of over voting in any of the polling stations.

The Asawase constituency has been known for its notoriety in consistently voting for the NDC even though it’s in a predominantly Npp region.

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