There was a match between Barcelona Sporting club verses Delfin Football club in the Ecuadorian seria A in which the home side was beaten by a lone goal to nil at the Estadio Monumental Isidro Romero Carbo staduim.

The author of the only goal of the match was Garces , however his goal was not what caught center stage of the day but the infidelity of a man who had gone to the stadium was captured on camera.

During the match, a seemingly romantic couple, sharing a passionate kiss was captured by the watchful eyes of the cameras. Thinking they were dating and or married, the camera stayed on them for a while until the man noticed they were being beamed on the screens in the stadium.

Upon seeing it, his mood suddenly changed leaving the attendees to realize something was wrong.

Apparently, the lady the man was kissing was his side chick and not his wife or girlfriend. Further details revealed the said man was married and left his wife at home to go the stadium with his side chick.


Real wife.