TB Joshua covid-19 prayer: Synagogue Church of All Nations leader known by his followers at Prophet TB Joshua has embarked on a prayer session for the coronavirus pandemic. The cleric says he has spend four days so far without eating food as he tries to get close to God.

The video shows TB Joshua at a prayer mountain as he prays, “In the name of Jesus, we present the nations, the world at large to you, Lord. Forgiive them their iniquities. Forgive their wrongs. Forgive them their sins Lord Jesus. There is cure in the blood of Jesus. Heal our world. heal them of fear of covid-19. You are the great help in the times of trouble. Help and rescue the world at large. I decree wisdom and understanding in this critical time to guide their nations. Remould them and refill them lord in the mighty name off Jesus Christ. Receive your deliverance in the name of Jesus.

The preacher attracted global headlines this year when he claimed to have prophesied that coronavirus will be gone by 27 March 2020 which turned out to be false.