A video is presently trending online showing Manchester United attacking midfielder Angel Gomes attending a deliverance session at the Synagogue Church of all Nations headed by Pastor T.B Joshua.

Celebritieshype.com finding revealed that the visit by Gomes to Synagogue was actually made in 2017 but could not ascertain while it was the number one trend on Twitter on Monday night.

“I’ve known The SCOAN for a long time,” Gomez said in the video, as his family are avid fans of Emmanuel TV and when time permitted, would regularly join to watch. So, when threats to his bright future loomed, it only seemed right for Angel to visit the church he had been watching many others healed and set free from hindrances trying to hold them back or down from their bright destinies.

Presently, Manchester United are reportedly moving closer to offering Gomes a new contract in the latest news on the club’s mini transfer saga.

The young Englishman is one of the club’s brightest prospects which is why it’s worrying to fans why he hasn’t extended his deal yet.
Gomes would be leaving United for free in a few weeks’ time if he doesn’t sign a new contract and supporters don’t want to see a repeat of Paul Pogba’s situation.
United are believed to have offered the academy product multiple deals so far but none that have pleased him or his agent.

However, if he doesn’t accept the latest offer then there’s probably no hope for a deal ever concluding.