Veteran journalist and managing editor of The Insight Newspaper, Kwasi Pratt has mocked the Electoral commission over their election results calculations.

Speaking as a panelist on Pan African TV, Kwesi Pratt opined that the Electoral commissioner Jean Adukwei Mensa had said that the figures they declared for the election were wrong. He added that Jean Mensa had said the figures her commission declared were 300,000 more than the real figure . That notwithstanding, the percentages garnered by the political parties remained the same.

According to the senior journalist, he found the words of the EC unfortunate.

This morning the chairperson of the electoral commission is telling us that, the figures they used was wrong. The chairperson of the electoral commission herself, Madam Jean Mensa is saying that the figures they declared is 300,000 more than the real figure. 300,000 votes in this contested election is no small vote but inspite of this difference, the percentages are the same” he said

” I was not born a good student of mathematics. In fact I have always hated mathematics all my life but my mathematics is better than the EC. I thought I was such a horrible student of mathematics. I have been condemning myself until I saw the mathematics of the EC”.

In a related news, the leader of the opposition party NDC and former president, John Dramani Mahama has called on the EC chairperson to resign from office after superintending over a flawed election.