Sad news greeted Ghanaians all over the world when one of its indigene residing in Orlando Florida left his wife in a pool of blood after shooting her seven times in the back at point rage in front of her work place.

Sylvester Ofori, 35 years is accused of shooting his wife , Barbara Tommey, 25 over a marital disagreement. The two are said to be going through a heated divorce procedure that seems to have infuriated the man who already has issues with the police. Court records shows that in 2016, Ofori was arrested for resisting an officer who responded to an argument between the two.

The two got married in 2015 in a blush wedding that saw friends and loves ones showering the two with love and admiration. The beaming love failed to last till eternity and during the 5th year of their rocky deteriorating marriage, Sylvester killed his wife.

But it wasn’t gloomy every day, Watch the beautiful 2015 videos of the couple