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Watch: Fan jumps on top of Fantana’s moving car to show her love

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November 14, 2019

Fans buying tickets to be present at an event of their favorite star is deemed the best way a fan can show a celebrity his or her love.

Others turn to chanting songs of their celeb anytime they come into contact with them but if you thought this was the height of fan love, wait till you see what a fan of Fantana did to her when he saw her.

The Rufftown record artist was mortified by a fan who risked his own life to show the “girl hate on girls” hit-maker love.

The fan who looks like he is in his late 30ties, jumped on the bonnet of her car, slept on top for a while and scream loud the name of Fantana.

A shocked Fantana couldn’t believe the kind of love she was getting from her fan as she kept putting her foot on the accelerator.

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