Pope Skinny who seems to be on a deadly voyage, has disclosed how Shatta Capo was so scared of his son that he had to lock his gates anytime he hears his son is in the area.

According to Pope Skinny, Shatta Wale in his Bandana days, used to smoke like a chimney. Even the smoke emanating from a bread baking firm will be an understatement. Apparently, the self acclaimed richest musician in Ghana used to smoke to the extent that his poppy had to throw him out of his house with the fear that, Shatta Wale might end up burning 🔥 🤣🤣 his house with his weed.

Pope Skinny further revealed how Shatta Wale’s sisters also had no choice than to sack him from the house because of his smoking jonki lifestyle. He also added that, Shatta Wale never liked his father but he was the rock that reconcile him to his dad.