Quick Reminder on an article been made on www.celebritieshype.com concerning a guy who met a lady on Facebook and got married few months ago in which on their wedding day, the lady booked a taxi to the wedding grounds. The parents took it to Facebook again to celebrate their twins as they are +1 Today and these are their word below;

+1 Today
Meet my Facebook Twins, it all started with a hi on Facebook n today I’m blessed with these boys. Abba Father thank you for these gifts,im most grateful.its every Father’s dream for his kids to grow and become a better version of himself, I’m only a WhatsApp admin ATM but I pray God change our story . If anybody is here and looking for d fruit of the womb esp twins ,I use them as a point of contact, may God be gracious to u same way He did to me n my wife.Since I met my wife on Facebook here, you are all my in-laws, so in-laws bless ur kids. Oklibonee

Watch below some adorable pictures of the twins as we celebrate them today and also a word to the Women pay attention to your inbox anytime you see “HEY” from a man because we still have good ones out there which can end up like this in Jesus name i pray Amen and you will thank me later…