Edge,Royal Ramble

Fans and lovers of Wrestling were left electrified at yesterdays Royal Rumble when WWE hall of fame and 11-time world champion Edge made a shocking return to the ring.

Edge entered the match at the No. 21 spot, shocking the crowd before delivering trademark spears to Karl Anderson, Dolph Ziggler and Drew McIntyre.

Edge soaked in the applause from the crowd before staring down AJ Styles, later eliminating the former WWE champion. Edge also enjoyed a reunion during the match with former Rated RKO tag team partner Randy Orton.

Orton and Edge made it to the final four of the match when Orton attempted to turn on Edge before Edge pulled the trigger and eliminated him first. Moments later, Edge was eliminated by Roman Reigns after having lasted 25 minutes in the match.

YOU THINK YOU KNOW HIM!?!?!?!?! @EdgeRatedR IS BACK AND IN THE #MensRumble!!!!!!!!!!!! #RoyalRumble

Edge had been out of action since April 2011, when he was forced into retirement due to cervical spinal stenosis