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“We are fighting and they are killing us; lead and i will follow”- Bridget Otoo tells Shatta Wale

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June 29, 2021

Freelance Ghanaian media personality and entrepreneur Bridget Otoo, has asked Shatta Wale to desist from putting the blames on the youth.

The multiple dancehall and raggae artist , Shatta Wale took to his social media handles to blame the youth for the current state of affairs in the country.

According to the “Melissa” hit-maker, the youth should stop being timid and fight for what’s theirs. He reasoned that, the youth have resorted to letting out their grievances on social media instead of moving unto the streets.

As for Ghana dierr the problem is us the youth ..we can’t stand up and fight for our right ..Nonesense ..Everyday typing online …Massa that no go solve anything ooo ,Rise and fight and stop writing this nonesense Essays !! Mek I tink” he tweeted

However, Bridget Otoo seemed to differ a little bit with Shatta Wale’s diagnosis of the situation.

According to her, the youth have tried every means to get their voice heard. She also called on Shatta Wale to lead and she will religiously follow.

She posited “The problem isn’t us. We are fighting and they are shooting and killing us. Last week they were in court and some were arrested for simply holding placards. Please lead the protest on the street, I would be behind you!”

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