The Ghanaian celebrity, whose ultimate desire and holy grail is to show-off and constantly be the talk of the town was brought to a stand still by the Covid 19 debacle.

Social media personalities who on a normal day won’t waste time to pull-in in the best of attire on the glam and red carpets were put on hold for a while. Our celebrities ranging from actors and actresses, Tv presenters and radio hosts to the other celebrities who only pride themselves with showing their body parts on Instagram had their best dresses and fashionistas locked up in their cabins.

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No one had time to see them as the world was held at a ransom. You would be nailed through the wall if you dared showcase your wears on social media.

This undocumented rule still stands. Twitter is more savaged and waiting to devour the culprit. They take no hostage.

Wearing a nose and face mask has been the escape route for these celebrities as many have taken to social media to display their designed made to match face mask. Their inherent trait to always show off couldn’t be hidden. Like a pregnant woman, a protruding stomach is constant.

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