Rufftown records artist Wendy Shay has come out to respond to allegations that she has unfollowed controversial talk show host, Delay Manso of the Delay show.

In one of her many tiny monologues of her show, Delay called out the songstress for unfollowing her after she advised her about some thing she found unpalatable about her. According to Delay, though she is not perturbed about the “Stevie Wonder” singers decision she had to voice it out.

But speaking to the issue to her fans and followers, Wendy Shay denied being the first person to follow Delay on Instagram.

According to her, Delay was rather the first person to unfollow her .

She (Delay) was the first person to unfollow me. She unfollowed me for almost a year until i saw it. She was the first person to unfollow” she said in a live video.

She further added that, the first group of people she worked with started saying bad things about her when they departed.

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