Social media personality Xandy Kamel has taken shots at Rufftown records CEO, Bullet and Wendy Shey, labeling the two as villagers who don’t know the difference between a compliment and an abuse.

According to the actress, She met wendy shey and her elder sister at an award night oversees. She asked who she was and Wendy replied that was her sister so she decided to compliment her sister by saying she’s beautiful than Wendy Shey.

Unfortunately, an insecure Wendy Shey did not see that as a compliment but said she was being verbally abused by Xandy.

I met Wendy at an awards night with her senior sister.I complemented on her sister .I was like .wow if this is ur sister .then she is beautiful than u papa. There noaaaa.Wendy claims I have verbally abused her.Who do u think u are Wendy? You and your manager bullet are just villagers “ she said during the Girls Talk Show on Okay Fm

The girls talk show comes off every Friday on Okay FM from 4pm.