Rufftwon records songstress Wendy Shey has hit back at the Food and Drug Authority for claiming their laws restricts celebrities and well known persons from advertising for alcoholic beverages.

According to the singer, it wasn’t making sense for FDA to endorse alcoholic beverages at one end and ban celebrities from advertising for the beverages if they intend to protect the youth.

Wendy Shey whose sense of logic was unexplainably poor, argued that, the FDA should not approve the drinks in the first place if they cared about the children.

“FDA thx for de reply.U endorse alcohol n make cash by approving it to be sold,but you claim to protect kids when a celeb wants to make cash by advertising it?UNFAIR! If you truly care abt the kids and not the money then why approve it in first place?FDA alone wan chop GH wake up!” she wrote on social media

Wendy Shey and the FDA have been at each other recently after the musician took to social media to reveal to the world that, she had lost a gig because of the authority’s rule on advertising.

The FDA had to remind the seemingly ignorant musician on its laws.