The emergence of Covid19 has meant that people around the world had to mend their way of life to be able to survive in these times. The appearance of people had to be distorted. The number of times one would go to the office had to be amended and reduced, some hardly went to the office. The changes in ones lifestyle was so great that , it affected the kind of food one had to eat. People turn to eating more fruits and supplements to build their immune system than to eating their normal heavy diets.

The unplanned way of life and the systematic change had affected so many people that, the youth have turned to selling their wares and products on social media. Wares ranging from clothes, make-up kits to electronic gadgets have been one of the most advertised items on social media but one new venture that caught my attention on WhatsApp is the new line of business, #WhatsappSexVideo.


Previously, or should I say back in the 90’s when we were growing up, we only thought Accra Circle was the only place hookers stood to transact business. I remember when i used to go out with one of my uncles, who’s now a journalist in the Upper East Region of Ghana, to Circle to have a view of the ladies there. We tried to understand why they were engaging in prostitution.

Nkrumah Circle prostitutes(photo from

Well, it move from the mere standing of the streets amidst shame in searching for clients to creating or joining a WhatsApp group to sell your craft.

  1. There’s no shame compared to standing by the streets with mascara all over your face like a fetish priest.
  2. You have the chance to know your clients history
  3. You build a relationship with your clients

Then this grew into the new craze of Video Sex. Now this is a bit different from the usual hook-up on WhatsApp.

With “WhatsApp Video Sex”, there’s no sexual contact between the two people (Customer and Lady). What is usually done is, any interested customer in the group will private chat the lady in the business.
The lady names her price which from my research begins from 50ghc till the customer ejaculates, gets tired or timed bound.
After the price has been agreed upon, the customer video call the lady on WhatsApp Video and watch her get naked, masturbate herself to the delight of the male customer. However, a customer can decide to take things to the next level and pay for sexual intercourse.

This new line of business has become lucrative for most of our female youths today who have made an opportunity for themselves in these hard times. My recent experience with these girls has taught me a valuable lesson to never disrespect ingenuity. Their means of survival might be frown upon or risky , however, their means of survival hang in the balance.

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