A woman has neglected every advice and chosen to bury her husband in a coffin designed to look like a penis because he couldn’t stop cheating on her.

A village in the Ashanti Region of Ghana has been thrown into a state of pandemonium when mourners who had travelled far and wide to wish the dead well, saw him lying peacefully in his penis coffin.

Asked why the wife and family allowed such coffin to be used in burying their beloved, a bystander who spoke on anonymity revealed that, the deceased when alive was caught on numerous occasions cheating on his wife and as punishment, she decided to bury him in this coffin.

Coffin in carpenter shop

“Papa kotie was always caught cheating so his wife told the carpenter to design this coffin for them” she said.

According to rumor, the deceased new name is Papa Kotie because of the design of his coffin.

Papa Kotie laying in state