Ghana, a small country on the western part of the African continent will be going to the polls on Monday, the 7th of December 2020 to elect who runs the affairs of the country for the next four years.

The significance of this election stems in from many fronts, including who brought in free SHS and who actually stopped dumsor. Unlike four years ago when the election was solely cemented on the corruption fight, this years power grab has taken quite a weird curve as none of the political parties is running on the tickets of incorruptibility. This tells a story of a country who is torn between two corrupt leaders. It’s like the red sea and the Egyptian.

This election unlike the previous elections in which the Npp and Ndc have gone head to head , has a new dimension to it. This is the first time in the history of the republic of Ghana that one of the two main political parties have a female candidate on its tickets.

Prof Jane Nana Opoku Agyemang will be the first female vice presidential candidate for the NDC. This historical move by the NDC, is believed to send a message to females out there that its possible for them to attain the highest office in the land if they so wish. This move is also believed to thrown into the bin the long held notion that women can not no rule in the affairs of the country.

A mere example is former California attorney Kamala Harris rise from being the simple daughter of an Indian migrant into becoming the first woman to become the vice president of the United states of America.

This feat has given hope to all female around the globe that anything is possible only if they believe and work towards it. Kamala’s indisputable prowess were in full force during the Democrats primaries and it’s no wonder that she was picked by Joe Biden as his first choice.

Will Jane Naana Opoku Agyemang become the first Ghanaian female vice president?

In 2012 , Npps Akufo Addo amassed 47.7% whiles John Mahama gathered 50.7 % to become the president of the country. However, the dynamics changed totally amidst claims of corruption. Akufo Addo toppled the then president to become the president of Ghana in the 2016 election with 53.7% to Mahama’s 44.5%.

Will the story be the same or change. If things remains the same, Jane’s attempt to break the glass ceiling of Ghanaian politics will have to delay for another 4 years.