Actress Lydia Forson has spit venom on Joy Prime’s TV presenter Mauvie over a question she posed on Twitter.

Over the week, the Ghanaian actress has gone berserk over people who have been criticising her for refusing to give her number to a man who sent someone to ask for her number.

According to her, it was wrong for men to send others to ask for her number. She opined that it was crass for me to do that.

Mauvie’s innocent attempt to get the views of her followers on Lydia’s reaction was met with a rebuttal from the award winning actress and producer.

Mauvie asked her followers if Lydia Forson would have exhibited the same reaction if it was Dangote or Elon Musk who had asked for her number.

Lydia Forson responded by saying

“With all “due respect” you’re extremely ignorant.
Just because you may go like a dog on lease when every rich man calls doesn’t mean everyone else will.
Stop promoting the idea that it’s all women want, yet turn around and scream women empowerment.”