It’s no secret that blind dates can be awkward, but they can also be pretty expensive—especially when you try to finesse your date into paying for your entire family.

That’s the hard lesson one woman had to learn when she invited 23 of her family members on her blind date to “test” the generosity of the man she was set to have dinner with…and it backfired to the tune of thousands.

@NYPost reports, a woman in Zhejiang, China got the shock of her life when her elaborate scheme to “test” how generous her blind date was backfired in a very expensive way. While the man (identified as Mr. Lui) was waiting for his blind date to arrive, he couldn’t believe his eyes when she arrived with 23 members of her family and expecting him to foot the bill for all of them.

Although, he initially agreed to pay for the date for the two of them, all that changed when she brought along almost 30 extra people. As a result, he left her (and her family) with the incredibly large $3,100 bill an equivalent of GHC 18,600 after telling them they should pay and they refused.

The two were set up on a blind date by Mr. Lui’s mother, who wanted him to meet someone nice and hopefully settle down. When asked by the local media outlet, Taizhou Evening News, why she thought it would be a good idea to invite her whole family to a date meant for two—the woman explained that she wanted to “test” her date’s generosity before committing to a serious relationship.